At The Dealership/Scratch & Win Weekends

It is common for our Auto customers to run Scratch & Win weekends to create urgency for those considering purchasing a vehicle. Prizes are advertised in advance and include upgrades, gift cards, and other exciting incentives.

Incentivize Test Drives at / The Dealership

Those that take a new car for a test drive are more likely to buy. Incentivize consumers visiting the dealership to take a car out for a drive in exchange for the change to play an instant win game. This is also a great way to capture emails and other information about these recipients while they are at your location and considering a purchase.

Online Acquisition & Traffic

Promoji offers Auto Dealers a unique opportunity to run promotions online with a goal of driving traffic to the dealership. Capture the attention of those searching online and incentivize them to choose your dealership.

Field Marketing Events

When sponsoring a tradeshow or event, add an interactive element to turn your physical presence digital and incentivize attendees to come see you post event. Setup tablets to run the promotion or advertise a link for attendees to enter and play to win on their mobile device. Capture emails in exchange for the chance to play as this will allow you to follow up after the event is over.

Chat with a Promoji Consultant

Chat With a Promoji Consultant