Consumer CPG


Promoji offers a unique branding opportunity for a CPG brand looking to stand out online. Consumers love the chance to win and offering an interactive scratch game, spin to win, or other digital game will make their interaction with your brand a memorable experience. With a large % of consumers participating on their mobile device, they will literally touch your brand while interacting.

Field Marketing

Have a physical presence with digital results! Using Promoji to interact digitally in an event setting has proven to drive consumer insight, email capture, and offer a memorable brand interaction. Digital instant win games are also a fun way to hand out swag and other giveaways!

Email Acquisition / Email Marketing

Consumers receive on average 121 promotional emails per day. Stand out in the inbox by offering an experience that will get your contacts clicking! Promoji is also commonly used as an email acquisition tool for brands using entry pop-ups or exit intent on via their website.


Offer an exciting promotion for distributing coupons that will get your audience interacting and connecting with your brand long term. Although all entries can receive a coupon, Promoji allows you to create a big hype with the chance to win bigger offers and prizes. This will have a very large impact on the response of the online promotion and give you the data you need to execute future coupon programs.


Grow your social following by adding an instant win promotion to your social pages or social ads. Create excitement, drive clicks, capture emails, and drive conversion! Is your Instagram account verified? If so, adding a Promoji to the "see more" tab on your Instagram story is a successful way of increasing engagement and converting instagram followers to email subscribers.


Looking to gain insight on what consumers think of your products? Instant win promotions are a great incentive for consumers to spend their time answering your questions. "Fill out our survey to unlock your chance to scratch and win __ for a year!"

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Chat With a Promoji Consultant