Website Acquisition Pop-up

Utilizing web pop-ups for email acquisition? Stand out from your competitors and create an unforgettable first impression by offering an instant win game or chance based promotion in exchange for a new customer email.

A typical offer is 10%-20% off your first purchase in exchange for a new subscriber. A scratch game, spin wheel or other chanced based game will allow you to create a big marketing message and even bigger incentive for the visitor to share their email and connect to your brand. Although most customers will win 10%, a select few may win a gift card, or even a grand prize of an online shopping spree!

Exit Intent

The goal is to increase acquisition and minimize bounce rate – so let’s give our customers a reason to stay. Offering a scratch off game or digital instant win in an exit intent pop-up will have your traffic change their mind. Not only will they consider staying on your site, but they will also share their email and perhaps make a purchase with the right incentive.

Email Marketing

Consumers receive on average 121 emails per day. Stand out in the inbox by offering a fun and interactive experience that will drive engagement. Currently, we have customers yielding over a 200% boost in click through by adding a scratch game, spin to win, or other digital instant win promotion.

Reward Social Followers

Reward your followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a digital instant win game. Promoji is a great way to show appreciation to your followers, but also convert social followers to email subscribers and incentivize them to make a purchase on your site. Is your Instagram account verified? Promoji is an awesome addition to your Instagram story with the “see more” option for verfieid accounts.

Attract New Customers

Attach a digital instant win game to a promoted social post, social ad, or other form of online ad. Capture attention and emails, and drive traffic to your site via an exciting winning incentive!

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Chat With a Promoji Consultant