Gain Subscribers or Loyalty Members

Acquire emails and other data in exchange for the chance to win. Data can be captured directly through Promoji or via a subscription page that is sent via a triggered welcome email. Example: "Subscribe to our mailing list for the chance to scratch and win dinner on us for a year!"

Incentivize e-Gift Card Purchase

Promoji is a perfect limited time incentive to push the sale of e-gift cards. Example:"Purchase an e-gift card and spin to win up to an additional $500."

Book More Reservations

Incentivize those who are considering dining at your restaurant to make a reservation. After a reservation is booked, thank them by taking them to a page where they can play (scratch, spin, plinko) or send them a thank you email with a link to play.

Reward Loyalty & Drive Traffic -Email Marketing

Sending the instant win game as a reward to email subscribers will not only increase opens & click through, but will also drive loyalty and traffic to your restaurant locations. This is also a great way to learn more about your subscribers by adding a question such as "What day of the week do you eat dinner out?" Example: "Click to scratch and win dinner for 4 on us!"

In Restaurant / At The Table

Promoji is a perfect way to capture emails and other data of guests, while offering a fun and interactive experience in restaurant. Advertise the chance to play via a table tent and have your servers promote it as well. Offers can be setup to be used for the current visit or invite your guests back to use their winnings at a future visit. Although the grand prize may be dinner on the restaurant, prizes for in restaurant games are typically free soft drinks, free desserts, or $ off with a spend limit.

Wifi Marketing

Many restaurants are implementing location based Wifi Marketing. Promoji is a great incentive for guests to join guest Wifi and opt in for Wifi Marketing messages. It is also a unique incentive for those that have joined the guest Wifi and are returning to the restaurant. As soon as they reach the restaurant location, they are notified of their chance to play. It is guaranteed to make for a fun experience and will always make your guests feel appreciated.


It is common in the hospitality industry for restaurants to ask guests for feedback on their visit. Response is often low on these programs, but Promoji instant win games offer a unique incentive for your guests to WANT to give you their time. Not only is Promoji a great way for you to gain feedback, but also email subscribers and return visits.

Reward Social Followers

Reward your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with a digital instant win game. Our promotions are a great way to show appreciation to your followers, but also convert social followers to email subscribers and drive traffic into the restaurant.

Attract New Customers - Online Ads

Attach a digital instant win game to a promoted social post, social ad, or other form of online ad. Capture attention with the chance to win, capture emails and other data of those interacting, and drive their first visit with an awesome winning incentive!

Drive Traffic From Event/Field Marketing

Instant win is a great way to drive traffic to your location from a field marketing initiative. Recipients will subscribe to your list and play to win on a tablet. Their winning voucher is sent to them via email or SMS and can be redeemed at your restaurant location.

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