In-Store Promotion

Make visiting your store a fun and interactive experience! Our instant win promotions can be executed in-store through a live tablet or shopper's personal mobile device. If using a live tablet, store associates will direct shoppers to the tablet to enter their information and play to win. If shoppers are entering on their personal mobile phones, your store will advertise a link that they can visit on their device while in the store.

Email Acquisition / Email Marketing

Consumers receive on average 121 emails per day! Stand out in the inbox by offering the experience your customers are waiting for. Adding a scratch game, spin to win, or other digital instant win promotion to your email is guaranteed to peak click-through rates and drive traffic & purchase at your online or physical store.

Receipt Surveys

It is common for retailers to share a link at the bottom of the customer's receipt asking for them to go online and give feedback. Although there is usually a sweepstakes in place or some sort of grand prize, most consumers assume they won't win and the response to these surveys tends to be very low. Promoji offers a unique incentive to drive the customer to participate in exchange for a chance to win instantly- there can be a grand prize, but the store associate will instead share that everyone is a winner. This guarantees the customer something in exchange for their time doing the survey and will therefore increase response.

Alternatively, some of our customers that have tablets in-store allowing customers to enter their receipt number and participate while they are still at the store location. Their winning offer is sent via email or SMS for their next visit.

Drive Traffic From Event/Field Marketing

Instant win is a great way to drive traffic to your store location from a field marketing initiative. Recipients will subscribe to your list and play to win on a tablet. Their winning voucher is sent to them via email or SMS and can be redeemed at your retail store location.

Wifi Marketing

Many retail stores are implementing location based Wifi Marketing. Promoji is a great incentive for guests to join guest Wifi and opt in for future Wifi Marketing messages. It is also a unique incentive for those that have joined the guest Wifi and are returning to the store. As soon as they reach the store location, they are notified of their chance to play. It is guaranteed to make for a fun experience and will always make your guests feel like you appreciate their visit.

Drive Traffic from Social

Reward your followers via your social channels with a goal of driving traffic to your website and retail store. Customers will play online but must visit your location to gain their winning offer.

Chat with a Promoji Consultant

Chat With a Promoji Consultant