Why Promoji

Over 6 Years Experience

Promoji is a team of experienced professionals that have a passion for helping brands use the power of instant win to exceed business goals. With 6 plus years of executing digital instant win promotions – over 150 clients and 1000 plus promotions run, we have the knowledge and experience to make your next promotion the ultimate success!

Security is Priority

We are very proactive when it comes to security at Promoji. Since we are handling email addresses and customer information, we do not take any risks.

All data transfer is done via secure methods.

All portals are password protected.

Data is stored in a secure environment.

All of our employees at Promoji are under NDA.

Support Is Our Differentiator

Client Success is our number one focus at Promoji. We understand that you are busy with a number of marketing initiatives and that your Promoji promotion is one of many. We make the process easy by taking the time to understand your business and goals, developing and setting up the promotions for you, and providing the training your team needs to make it a success. Every client has a dedicated client success rep that is available pre, during, and post execution – we have a 10 minute response time on all tickets!

We Have Fun

Our Promojis are fun to play, so we make sure to have fun behind the scenes too!

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